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Leasing vs. Financing: Find Out What's Right For You

There are many items to think about when deciding to buy or lease your next car. We've provided a questionnaire to help you with that process. You'll find there are really just a few key factors and answering the questionnaire below will give you a good place to start for demystifying the choice. We realize that there quite a few things to think about when deciding whether or not to lease or purchase a vehicle. Our experienced employees can help lead you through each and every step. We recommend completing the questionnaire to qualify yourself for which option may be best for you--but always feel free to give our Finance Department a call at (469) 293-1352.

We pride ourselves on having the best finance specialists at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, so if you are unclear about any requirements for leasing or have any questions, we're always available as a resource. If it is your very first time considering leasing a vehicle, the process may appear daunting, but it is really quite easy! Regardless of your choice to lease or buy a vehicle, you can depend on us to help you obtain any financing you need to drive away in a vehicle of your dreams.

Benefits of Leasing

One attractive option of leasing is that monthly obligations are generally lower in comparison with the purchase of a vehicle. Because payments may be reduced, leasing can be a good solution for many on a limited budget. Leasing a car could also be great option to avoid the hassle of needing to sell or trade in your car or truck when you'd like to upgrade to a new one. If you lease, you also get the additional advantage of changing new cars every few years.

Benefits of Buying

There are no mileage limits--which is an important thing to consider should you have a longer commute and would prefer to enjoy the comfort of ownership. If you like the comfort that comes with driving the same car and really getting to know it--buying may likewise be a preferable option. Driving the same car for a lengthy period of time can create an enduring attachment, specifically with the car or truck of your dreams. Purchasing a car will guarantee that those valuable memories of all the road trips and family outings remain with you. Owning a vehicle will allow you to customize it to match your personality, as well.


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