When driving a car on a daily basis, there are many parts that need to be working well. One important part of your car that needs to be in good condition at all times is your tires. With a good set of tires, you will continue to have great traction when driving in challenging weather conditioners. To keep your tires in good shape, there are a variety of tires services that will be needed from time to time.


Tire Inspections

Whether your low tire pressure warning light has come on or you want to check the tread of your tires to see how long you can go before replacing them, our professionals can inspect your tires for any holes or cracks, measure their tread, and check the tire pressure. Tires that are under-inflated or over-inflated can also wear unevenly, which can cause issues on the road.

We'll let you know if your tires aren't inflated properly and make sure to inflate them based on your model's specifications. During the colder months when tires can lose air quicker, it's especially important to remember to check the tire pressure. Our team can provide you with tips for checking your pressure at home. We'll also perform a full assessment and recommend any additional services you may require to keep your tires in the best condition possible.

Patch and Repair Service

It's common for tires to eventually form holes and cracks due to debris on the road or a sharp object. To ensure your tires stay in good condition, it's important to take your vehicle in for patch and repair service if you notice a crack or a hole. Our technicians can fill in any blemishes within minutes, so your tires will be safer to drive o without you having to replace them entirely.






Tire Rotations and Wheel Alignments

We don't just want to sell you new tires to replace your old ones. We want to help you maximize your tire health so you can get the most out of your investment and drive with confidence. That's why proper tire maintenance is so important. We offer tire rotations and wheel alignments to help you get the most out of your tires.

One of the simplest things you can do to ensure good tire health and prevent your tires from wearing unevenly is to have your tires rotated regularly. Tire rotations help to prevent uneven tire wear, so it's important to rotate your tires a few times a year, or about every 7,500 miles. Rotating your tires on a regular basis can ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride and even improve your fuel efficiency.

Our technicians will rotate your tires for you at the same time as your oil change and will be sure to follow the manufacturer-recommended rotation pattern so you can extend the life of your tires. Besides tire rotations, we also offer wheel alignments. When your vehicle's wheels are misaligned, you may notice uneven tire wear and experience issues with your car pulling toward the left or right when you drive. If you notice that your wheel alignment is off, you'll want to schedule an appointment. We'll adjust your alignment so you can have greater control over your vehicle and can ensure optimal performance.

Service and Parts Specials

Be sure to check out our service and parts specials page to keep up to date with special deals so you can save money. Our Total Tire Care Special includes tire balancing and rotations, in addition to wheel alignment service for one low price. We'll also throw in a tire rotation with your next oil change, whether you're getting synthetic or conventional oil. Don't forget to look for offers on new tires by top brands like Michelin and Goodyear the next time you need a tire replacement.

At Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we're proud to be a top dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, serving the communities of Lewisville, Dallas, Carrollton, and Flower Mound. Whether you need entirely new tires or simply require a tire rotation, our professional staff is happy to help fulfill all of your tire needs. While you're waiting, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and complimentary Wi-Fi in our comfortable waiting room. To learn more about our dealership, including our full range of services, you can contact us online or visit our dealership at 1400 S. Stemmons Freeway.


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